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Newcom  develops product suited to your profile and needs.

Count on us to find the best routes in the power market.

What do we do?

Our Products

Power Purchase and Sale

We negotiate buy-and-sell contracts that meet the needs of our clients and suppliers.

Electricity Swap

We help our business partners manage risks in electricity swap operations  (by source, submarket and supply period).

Cash Anticipation

Specific operation enabling generators to sign a supply contract and receive part or the full amount upfront.

Structured Products

Consumers and generators may have specific demands beyond power supply, such as matching cash flows, use of indexes and priority supply for certain consumer units.

Generator Offers

Specific operation where our company negotiates the power to be supplied by generators for a fixed or variable fee based on credit criteria.

Our Strengths

At Newcom we combine the professional expertise, financial health and discipline of large corporations with the agility and flexibility of a lean company: this is how we create highly attractive business opportunities.  

Our key strengths are:



Our executives are experienced in power trading, and they can structure buy-and-sell operations for existing or greenfield energy parks, for power plants and small or large-scale consumer units, both in the free or regulated markets. 


Financial Health

With our paid-in capital of R$ 35 million and strict risk management policies, we are financially reliable business partners.



Our team includes professionals from the Brazilian Electrical Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE) and from large corporations in Generation, Distribution and Trading, and our executives contribute to best market practices and regulatory discussions. 



Our board members are also our shareholders: having a shared  business vision and clearly defined risk policies means  we can structure complex operations and ensure their fast implementation.